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Development trend of textile industry: improving product quality and strengthening industrial innovation

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China entered the era of consumer economy, profits are increasingly inclined to the terminal. China's exports of textile products in the world has increased by 8 times, becoming the world's largest exporter of textiles.
Electricity supplier and the rise of online shopping so that consumption has become irregular, rhythm of consumption, consumption patterns and consumer psychological tension is different from the past. The driving force for the future of the textile industry is to improve product quality, strengthen industrial innovation and enhance Internet awareness.
China and the EU are both important textile exporters and consumer markets in the world. Chinese textile export scale of approximately $270 billion, the EU is second, about $170 billion, third in India and Bangladesh, there are about three or four billion dollars in exports.
Since China's accession to the world trade organization, especially since the global textile trade in 2005 ushered in the "zero quota era", the realization of integration, the rapid expansion of the scale of Sino EU textile trade.
According to Chinese customs statistics, in 2015, China's textile and apparel exports to the EU $53 billion 132 million, the EU textile and apparel exports to China reached $about 4000000000, more than doubled in 2005. 2015, China EU bilateral trade amounted to $564 billion 750 million. Textile and clothing trade accounted for 1/10.
China is the largest textile industry in the world, but also the most complete industrial chain, the most complete range of countries. China textile including yarn fabric, clothing, etc.. In 2015, China's fiber processing volume reached 53 million tons, accounting for more than 50% of the world. The EU has a comparative advantage in product development, technology, design, brand, etc..
China's textile and garment exports are currently in the situation of price increase and price reduction. Prior to October this year, China's textile exports totaled $219 billion 540 million, down 6.5%.
Among them, textile exports amounted to $87 billion 340 million, down 4.1%. But from the point of view, the export of yarn is 3 million 410 thousand tons, an increase of 14%, of which cotton yarn exports is about 270 thousand tons, almost no growth of only about 0.1%, chemical fiber yarn exports of 2 million 520 thousand tons, an increase of 20%.
The data show that China's textile exports are growing, but the market share of trade declined. "That is to say, foreign friends buy more things with less money." China's textile and garment industry, the current external demand is still good, but the trade growth is weak, he believes that China's textile trade pressures both external and internal factors.
From the external environment, textile import and Export Chamber of Commerce believes that the US economy is also good, Europe and Japan in the next period of time will not be too good, as the emerging economies of the BRICs development is uneven, and Chinese compared with the previous economic growth will slow down. Since China's textile and apparel consumption base is large, textile and garment consumption next year whether to continue to show two digit growth is not good.
From the domestic, textile production capacity continues to increase. Taking Xinjiang as an example, last year the textile production capacity of 8 million spindles, 15 million spindles could reach next year, plus build, in the next period of time may reach 20 million pounds.
From the internal factors of the industry, the textile industry, the domestic production capacity is serious. So far, 75% of China's production capacity is concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong coastal provinces of the five.
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