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extile industry enters into a new stage of comprehensive development of "intellectual body"

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People often say that the "moral, intellectual, physical" is now interpreted as a new concept for the development of the textile industry. "Fashion is the textile industry to the" aesthetic education "classes, science and technology is the textile industry to the" intellectual "classes, manufacturing is the textile industry to the" Sports "course." China Textile Industry Association in 2016 years China Textile Innovation President Sun Ruizhe before the date for China textile played "beauty, intellectual and physical development of the theme.
"Fashion should be a new mark of the textile industry, it is the embodiment of the status of the industry." Sun Ruizhe on the "beauty, intellectual and physical development" concept that the manufacturing economy is single economy to service, diversified economic transformation, the economy must be extended and are leading the future development. In the field of fashion, we have to do a good job in industrial planning, and strive to more world-class design masters and big brands, and strive to appear on the world's fashion industry heavyweights.
Science and technology is the first driving force of industrial development. In fact, the promotion of the force, not only related to the textile industry, but also related to the development of related industries." Sun Ruizhe believes that the high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing technology has become the textile industry forms an important starting point in the foot.
Sun Ruizhe said: "for the future development of the industry manufacturing is the foundation of this. In order to strengthen the pillar position, we should focus on green development, intelligent manufacturing. We want to return to the origin of product development, cost management to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, that is, quality management, cost management."
"The total export of textile and clothing trade in the world in 2015, only $740 billion, compared with $800 billion in 2014, a decrease of $60 billion, but Chinese share in the world textile and apparel trade in is not due to negative growth in exports decreased by 37% in 2014 increased by 1 percentage points, reaching 38%." Sun Ruizhe said that despite the challenges, but the position of China textile industry in the national economy remained stable, although in recent years, the main economic indicators of the textile industry growth tends to slow, but remained stable in 2016 the proportion of. In particular, China's textile and garment exports in the three traditional market share has decreased, but in the world textile and apparel trade share is still increasing, not because of negative growth in exports and lower.
Sun Ruizhe believes that the textile industry should be changed from traditional industries and labor-intensive industries to the technology industry, green industry, fashion industry, textile industry Chinese formed the "new three" industrial structure, with high quality high performance fiber and industrial textiles, as the representative of the high-end smart manufacturing technology industry sector; clothing brand, home textile brand on behalf of the fashion industry sector; through the whole industry chain of processing manufacturing industry sector. These 3 plates are not completely independent, but full of infinite possibilities of cross-border integration and value symbiosis.
We have more than and 200 listed companies, industry and trade has been the industry's short version." Sun Ruizhe pointed out that through the combination of industry and finance, mergers and acquisitions in the global scope, breaking the space constraints, to achieve optimal allocation of resources, technology, raw materials, products, brands and other resources. To seize the opportunity to transition, so that better integration of textile and capital, can not form a hollow industry. Integration of industry and finance but also to grasp the rhythm, grasp the key points, such as green finance, technology finance, etc..
In the description of fashion and technology, the integration of the development of the manufacturing industry prospects, Sun Ruizhe also pointed out that we should focus on promoting the implementation of the six development: technology innovation is the basis to achieve innovation and development; for the direction of development to achieve lean manufacturing intelligence; as the starting point to combine development to achieve integration of Finance and industry; to cultural confidence as the goal are to forge development; focus on social responsibility to achieve inclusive development; system construction as the core to achieve joint development.
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